How To Make Any Basic Jeans & T Shirt Outfit Look Good

Influencers and celebrities somehow seem to have unlimited chic outfits, but really, they just make tiny tweaks to basic outfit looks and staple pieces to make them look amazing! Somehow they style things you never thought of to create fresh, style trending looks using the most basic pieces.

So how do you get that cool edgy style without spending hours planning and tweaking for that perfect look? Let’s show you how.

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How to make any basic outfit look good

Here’s how to spice up your basic outfits so you’re always looking your best.

1. Cuff sleeves

make any outfit look good

To change the look of a plain t-shirt and jeans combo simply roll up the sleeves. Rolling up the sleeves makes your t-shirt look fitted, flattering and you’ll immediately look edgy and cool.

2. Knot top

Oversized and loose tops can easily go from casual to sloppy. But when you knot your top, you highlight and show off rather than hide your shape which instantly gives you a more polished look and just looks a lot better.

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3. Cuff jeans

Another easy fashion fix that will take your outfit from boring to brilliant is to cuff or roll your jeans up to show off your shoes/ ankles. This is a subtle style trick that instantly freshens up an outfit you’ve worn a million times. It elongates your legs and makes your outfit much more interesting and you can show off your awesome shoes. The trick here is to make it look casual rather than perfectly symmetrical.

4. Denim jacket

Another awesome yet simple way to add spice to a casual yet basic outfit look is to throw a denim jacket over it. This is a great way to turn your outfit from boring to edgy and also a great way to complete your look.

5. Off the shoulder

This trick is another simple and easy one, that will instantly change the look and feel of any basic outfit. All you do is slide your t-shirt down off of one shoulder! Trust us, that one move has the potential to take your look from boring to cool and adds a touch of flirty too!

6. Belt

Use a belt to pull your look together and emphasize your figure if you’re wearing a loose fitting top or dress. Even better if you choose a belt with a bit of bling to catch the eye then it really vamps up your outfit and adds a bit of style. This trick also works over multiple layers to create a small waist and gives a more figure-flattering style.

7. Scarf

If you’re bored with all your necklaces, a handkerchief scarf or bandana is an easy way to take a simple basic outfit look, up a notch.

8. Coat

A camel coat will dress up any outfit that you’re wearing whether you want to keep it casual or dress it up for an occasion. Either way, this trick will take any of your basic outfit looks and make them stunning and make you look expensive. They’re also great investment pieces because they really do take your outfits to the next level.

9. Khaki

A khaki shirt can work wonders for a basic look, muted yet flattering adding this once piece, changes your outfit from basic to statement and makes you look more put together.

10. Waist shirt

Another really easy simple trick to add style to any basic outfit look is a checkered shirt tied around your waist. This look is more casual but is definitely a tip to keep in mind.

11. Leather jacket

Add a leather jacket to any of your outfits and it will instantly make you look a bit rebellious, edgy, super relaxed and cool. No plain Jane here!

12. Tuck-in

Oversized tops can sometimes make you look messy and bigger than you are if you’re not careful. To change this, simply tuck your shirt into whatever bottoms you’re wearing and your top will look more fitted and show off rather than hide your curves. And as an added bonus you’ll look neater and more stylish.

What are your go-to tricks for making your outfits look good? Share with us in the comments!

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