30 Must-Try Classy Neutral Christmas Nails Ideas for 2023

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If you’re looking for some neutral Christmas nails, perfect for when you want to feel festive without being too over-the-top then you’re in the right place! Neutral nails have been super on-trend this year and I’ve noticed more and more designs incorporating classic nude, cream, and light gray shades.

30 Must-Try Classy Neutral Christmas Nails Ideas for 2023 1 30 Must-Try Classy Neutral Christmas Nails Ideas for 2023

Here are a few nail art trends I’m seeing for the upcoming season: French tips with subtle red or green accents, minimalist designs using gold or silver foil, and “winter wonderland” nail art incorporating tiny white snowflakes or glitter.

I also came across some lovely natural nail looks enhanced with just a hint of white or using accent nails in a deeper shade of red or dark green.

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To kick off the ideas, here are 30 must-try neutral Christmas nail designs ranging from simple to more intricate looks. Let’s dive in!

30 Neutral Christmas nail ideas

The best polishes and shades for neutral nails

Here are some nail polish brands and shades I’d recommend for recreating some of these beautiful neutral nail designs:

  • Essie Ballet Slippers – This creamy pinky-nude is always a classic go-to for a subtle, barely-there look. It pairs especially nicely with delicate white designs.
  • Skin Tone Neutrals Set -This set features six skin tone neutrals from white to coffee brown and is flattering for any skin tone. They’re versatile on their own, together, or for French tips.  
  • Orly Breathable Kiss Me I’m Kind – A beautiful light pinky-nude with a hint of sheen. Great for a clean, polished look.
  • Essie Mademoiselle – A soft rosy pink nude that’s elegant and festive without screaming the holidays.  

I’d be remiss not to mention some great top coats too for sealing in your manicure through all the holiday festivities! Seche Vite, GAOY, and Beetles are all Amazon favorites.

I hope this gave you some inspiration for your nails whether you decide to go simple or more intricate. Neutral nails are such a great way to feel festive without being overly bold.

Jennifer G.

Jennifer G.

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