These Are the Hottest Essie Nail Polishes for Sizzlin’ Summer Nails

These Are the Hottest Essie Nail Polishes for Sizzlin' Summer Nails 1 These Are the Hottest Essie Nail Polishes for Sizzlin' Summer Nails

Is there anything better than a fresh summer pedi to kick off the warm weather? Whether you’re lounging beach-side or sipping rosé on the patio, having your nails on point is an absolute must.

These Are the Hottest Essie Nail Polishes for Sizzlin' Summer Nails 2 These Are the Hottest Essie Nail Polishes for Sizzlin' Summer Nails

When it comes to summer’s most gorgeous lacquers, you just can’t beat Essie’s vibrant, fun-in-the-sun shades. From juicy-bright corals to tropical teals and vibrant violets, they’ve got all the heat you need to keep your digits delicious all season long.

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So let’s dive right into my favorite Essie summer colors guaranteed to turn heads and make a splash this year!

Tangerine Dream

Let’s start things off with a burst of energizing citrus. Essie’s Break It Sundown is a brilliant, punchy orange that screams summertime chic. This vivid, ultra-saturated hue looks fire on sun-kissed skin and will definitely turn heads at the pool party.

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Berry Haute

On the flip side, if you’re craving something a bit more moody and sultry for summer nights, look no further than Essie’s lush Isle See You Later. This delicious magenta-berry shade has just the right mix of purple and pink tones for a rich, velvety finish that’s equal parts sassy and chic.

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Tantalizing Teal

Nothing says “tropic like it’s hot” quite like a luscious, vibrant ocean-inspired teal. Essie’s Revenge’s A Beach scratches that itch in the most irresistible way with its deep, moody teal base and luminous green-blue shimmer. Consider this polish your one-way ticket to mermaid mani status.

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There’s just something so romantic and feminine about the perfect pastel lavender, don’t you think? This summer, let your nails swoon over Essie’s Set The Tiki Bar High. This lush, creamy lavender polish is bright enough to make a statement but still soft and pretty for any occasion.

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Natural Beauty

If you prefer an effortless, more natural mani moment, you’ve got to try Essie’s Coconuts For You. This chic, neutral tan shade is the perfect warm nude to complement that golden summer glow. It’s simple yet so elegantly beachy.

And if you need a chic sage-y green to round out your summer rotation, this polish is an ultra-wearable shimmery, mossy neutral that’s just gorgeous.

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Vibrant Violet

For those who want to make a dramatic statement, Essie’s Play Date is a showstopping bright violet creme that is equal parts bold and beautiful. This striking purple hue looks phenomenal on darker skin tones and really pops against a tan.

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Punchy Pink

No summer is complete without a punchy, vibrant pink in your arsenal. Essie’s Mod Square is the perfect hot fuchsia pink that gives you that instantly bright, cheerful pop of color. It makes your digits look deliciously juicy!

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Sunny Yellow

If you really want to radiate warm, sunshiny vibes, you can’t go wrong with a classic yellow polish like Essie’s Sunshine Be Mine. This creamy, vibrant yellow is such a happy, cheerful shade that screams summer fun. It’s surprisingly wearable, too!

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Deep Sea Blue

If you’re craving something sultry with major mermaid flair, check out Essie’s Push Play. This deep, jewel-toned blue has a gorgeous teal undertone that gives it an extra burst of rich oceanside allure. It’s deep and mesmerizing.

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Peachy Coral

For a more unique, unexpected summertime shade, I’m obsessed with Essie’s Peach Side Babe. This warm, peachy-melon hue is equal parts fun, flattering, and on-trend. It’s a subtler orange that feels fresh and chic.

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With so many gorgeous Essie colors to play with, your summer mani options are endless! Have fun mixing, matching, and indulging in all those juicy, vibrant shades we love this time of year.

So those are my Essie must-haves to keep you looking red-hot from head to toe all summer long! Whether you prefer a bold color or something more subdued, Essie’s always got you covered.

What are your favorite bright and cheery Essie shades to sport during the sunny season? I’d love to hear your recommendations, too!