When Should You Replace Your Sports Bra?

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When should you replace your sports bra?

If you’re like a lot of women then you’ve probably had your sports bra for a while. Like your friends probably have kids that are younger, type of thing.

I get it, no judgements, a new sports bra isn’t necessarily on anyone’s to-do list. Why fix it if it isn’t broken?

According to Fleetfeet.com

New bras will give you the best comfort and support during your workouts. Straps will be stronger, elastic will rebound better, the fabric will breathe easier. But as they age, your sports bras wear out. When that happens, they quit supporting you the way they’re supposed to, and it can quickly turn a good workout routine into a bad routine.

So, you need to replace them. Here’s what you need to know.

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Why Your Sports Bra Wears Out

Sports bras save your breasts from being strained by repetitive bouncing or movement caused during your exercise.  Your bra stretches and contracts to absorb the impact, and over time the elastic weakens, which affects support.

 Things That Damage Your Sports Bra

Washing Incorrectly damages them so when should you replace your sports bra? | The Zenish

1. Washing Incorrectly

Washing machines and dryers are a no-no. Avoid washing your sports bra, or any other bra in the washing machine! It ruins the shape of your bra as well as the fibres.

And always hang them to dry! Intense heat from the dyer can ruin the elastic band, and then you’ll need a new one.

2. Washing Too Frequently

This one is a toss-up. Some say that you should wash your bra after every use, others warn against it.

However, if you can wear your sports bra more than once between washes (if it doesn’t smell too bad or the idea doesn’t repulse you) then there’s a chance you’ll prolong its life.

We suggest finding the balance that works for you.

3. Body Oils

Oils from your body (natural or otherwise) can clog the fabric of your bra making it less breathable. To avoid this, always aim to wash your sports bra properly to keep it in excellent shape!

How Often To Replace Your Sports Bras?

When should you replace your sports bra? | The Zenish

The short answer is every 6 to 12 months. However based on how you use it, the type of exercises you’re doing, and how often, you may need to replace it earlier or much later. Intense training will wear down your bra much faster than yoga or walking. If you notice a change in support, better to replace it.

As for how many sports bras you should have in your rotation, a general rule of thumb is that you should have at least three sports bras that suit your shape and fits you properly.

When Should You Replace Your Sports Bra?

The signs are fairly easy to spot. Look out for worn labels and bottom bands and straps that no longer provide tension for support.  An easy test is to tug on the shoulder straps or bottom band. Little to no resistance means your bra is ready for retirement.

1. Worn Out Straps Or Band

If your bra band is sliding around or your straps falling off your shoulder during exercise, your bra is probably worn out and need to be replaced.

2. Chafing around the band

Over time your bra band will stretch out and lose tension. If you experience chafing around your midsection, it could be a result of the band rubbing against and irritating your skin as you work out.

3. Colour changes

This tip is fairly straightforward but if your white bra is now grey, yellow, or any colour other than the original, its time to get a new one.

4. Fraying

Tattered edges or exposed clasps can irritate your skin and is yet another sign that it’s time to replace your bra.

And if you’ve been holding it all together with tape, safety pins, bobby pins etc, then please let it go. It has served you well but it must go.

According to Purewow.com

Choosing the right sports bra depends on two important factors, your body and your workout. Everyone’s breast tissue is different. Those with firmer breast tissue might be able to work out with minimal support and experience little to no movement. Others (regardless of cup size) might need more support. And if you’re doing a medium or high impact workout (like running, boxing, HIIT or spinning), you’ll automatically require a higher level of support than someone doing a low impact workout (like yoga, barre or weight training).

Tips For Choosing A Sports Bra

When should you replace your sports bra? | The Zenish

Tip 1. Start with the bottom band.

For a proper fit its crucial that the bottom band lay straight, secure and flat against your skin. It shouldn’t ride up underneath your breasts, nor should it move around.

Tip 2. Look at the cups.

There shouldn’t be any spillage or gaping. And if there’s an underwire, it should evenly surround each of your breasts without any pinching or discomfort.

Tip 3. Adjust the straps.

The straps should have some tension for support, but they definitely shouldn’t be digging into your skin. If you can’t easily adjust the straps so they’re comfortable then try another size, style or a different cut.

Tip 4. Jump!

Ah, the jump test! Works every time. The idea is, you should be able to jump up and down in the fitting room with little to no movement. If after all of that the bra feels comfortable you’ve found a winner! Congratulations!

So, how often do you replace your sports bra? Let us know in the comments! 😉

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