The 18 Best Wardrobe Basics For Women

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No matter your closet size, having a solid foundation for your wardrobe makes life simpler.  Having a few basic wardrobe essentials that can be worn year-round will guarantee that you always have something to wear.

The basics aren’t always the most exciting, but these time-honoured items tend to be the clothes you hold on to for the longest. Once you find the perfect pair of jeans or white tee, it easily becomes one of your favourite items in your closet.

Having a minimal wardrobe can be helpful when it comes to getting ready in the mornings. Because you know that almost every item in your closet could be paired with another without looking ridiculous.

Your essential items are neutral, subtle, versatile pieces that pair well with anything. You don’t want them to detract from your statement pieces, but rather balance them out.

What’s great about them? You can dress them up with accessories, use them to transition from day to night quickly, they make travelling much easier, and people won’t notice you’re wearing the same thing over and over again.

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Why You Should Invest In A Few Basic Wardrobe Essentials

If you’re going to spend money on clothes, then spend it on the basics. You’ll appreciate having a high-quality shirt rather than a cheap one because it’s going to last longer. The basic essential wardrobe items will never go out of style, which means you won’t regret investing in them.

Investing in quality wardrobe essentials prevents you from spending needlessly on poorly made items that you never or rarely wear and that will only last for a year or less. 

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to creating your wardrobe foundation, then you’re in luck!

This list should serve as an excellent primer. Here’s what I consider to be the top 18 essential items for your wardrobe. 

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Basic Wardrobe essentials for women
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Basic Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own


  • T-shirt – starts your outfit off with a clean slate. Is there anything more versatile than a basic tee? It’s stylish, cool and versatile enough that you can wear it year-round. So no matter how you choose to wear it, whether tucked into a pair of skinny jeans, a chic-looking skirt or shorts, no closet is complete without at least one. 
  • Tank – an essential wardrobe item for your closest. A well-made tank looks flattering on almost all body types so there’s very little room for error and its great for layering. For a polished look, you can dress it up with a cute pair of jeans or a skirt.
  • Long-sleeve T-shirt – looks great on its own or layered underneath a cardigan, looks great with anything, you can style it with solids or other patterns, slouchy denim, pencil skirt or shorts and it all looks good! Definitely, a basic wardrobe essential every woman should own.
  •  Sweater – comfy knit sweaters work with everything! From jeans for a casual look to a skirt for your night out, a quality knit sweater will sustain its life considerably as long as it’s properly cared for.
  • Blouse – takes your outfit from looking casual to looking polished and stylish. And even better there are endless ways to wear it. Pair it with skirts and pants, or layer it under sweaters or cardigans.
  • Cardigan – keeps you warm, great layering item, super versatile and a great way to add colour to your outfits


  • Jeans – a great pair of dark wash jeans will be your go-to for every season no matter your shape. Choose jeans that flatter your body because while trendy is great, it isn’t always what will work for you.
  • Tailored Pants – you can use them for work, brunch or dinner the possibilities are endless. Reliable tailored pants are a true wardrobe staple.
  • Legging – versatile, great for casual looks, great all year round. Try structured fabrics with stretch and support but stay away from sporty logos or prints to keep them classic.
  • Skirt –  versatile enough to be casual, work-friendly, date-friendly and can be worn in more formal settings. Perfect!
  • Dress – always flattering and great for layering under blazers and soft knits. You can style yours with pumps or chic flats for a dressy occasion or dress them down with comfy slip-on sneakers. 


  • Jacket – an ageless layering piece that can be worn season after season and will always compliment your outfit no matter the occasion. This is definitely one of our picks for wardrobe essentials every woman should own! A soft leather or denim jacket is something you’ll wear season after season for years. It’s also an easy way to transform your outfits from casual to positively chic.
  • Blazer – a great alternative for a coat when it’s not quite cold enough and is the jacket to throw on over your cocktail dress. 
  • Coat – investment piece that you can wear even during the warmer seasons. If it’s warm, you can opt for a lighter weight fabric and a shorter length coat can be worn with anything.

Accessories & Shoes

  • Tote –  a high-quality tote adds polish while remaining practical. Big enough to carry all that you need yet sturdy enough for daily use. 
  • Flats – sophisticated and practical, they’re easy on the feet but more polished than sneakers. Black, nude, navy and metallics are great investment shades for when you need “wear it anywhere” flat shoes.
  • Ankle Boots – A good pair of ankle boot is a must! These are the boots for all seasons, unlike the taller riding boots. Great for wearing with dresses, leggings or jeans, an ankle boot should always be one of the essentials, in a woman’s wardrobe.
  • Pumps – will always be a win no matter the season, occasion or outfit, perfect shoe option for your 9-to-5, your happy hour or a date night with a cute pair of jeans!

Final thought

To summarize, a basic tee, leggings, a blazer and a pair of dark wash jeans are just some of the basic wardrobe essentials every woman should have in her closet.

With these basic staple items, you’ve built yourself a style foundation.  The kind that’s fashionable, timeless and will help you bring your outfits together from start to finish without having to spend time worrying about what to wear or how to wear it.

What do you think are some basic wardrobe essentials every woman should have? Share in the comments! 

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