75 Things To Declutter Right Now & Not Feel Overwhelmed

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When your home is filled with “stuff” trying to declutter and organize it all can feel overwhelming which then makes it so easy to give up or put it off. What are the easiest things to declutter? Where do you start?

Start small.

Start with just 5 minutes, that’s it. Yes in the grand scheme of things 5 minutes won’t seem like much but what’s important is that it’s a start. 

If you take 5 minutes today, another 5 tomorrow and 5 more the day after that then before you know it, you’ve cleared out a drawer, a closet, and eventually a room.

So if you’re feeling a little lost, overwhelmed, and unsure of how or what things to start decluttering then this list is a good starting point for you.

This list starts with the obvious things to declutter and will help to ease you into the decluttering process. Especially when you don’t know what to get rid of. 

So grab a few boxes, garbage bags etc and use this list to go and start decluttering your space. Just remember that you’re taking a huge step in the right direction and your efforts will pay off. And sometimes that means jumping in with both feet and getting to work.


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75 Easy Things to Declutter Right Now

things to declutter that you won't miss

1. Expired, broken, and dirty makeup

2. Extra makeup and travel bags

3. Old nail polish and used nail files

4. Old & empty perfume bottles or perfumes you never liked

5. Travel-sized product samples

6. Old sunscreens and lotions (they do expire!)

7. Old or expired skincare products

8. Hair Products you never use

9. Old, broken or unused hair tools

10. Expired medicine and vitamins

11. Expired or extra toothbrushes and toiletries

12. Underwear or socks with holes in them

13. Clothes you bought but never wear

14. Stained, unflattering or old clothes

15. Clothes that don’t fit

16. Free, promotional or novelty t-shirts 

17. Pyjamas you never wear

18. Nylons, tights, or stockings you never wear 

19. Gloves without a partner

20. Purses you haven’t used in the last year

21. Broken or unused hair ties & hair accessories 

22. Unworn or unused accessories 

23. Earrings missing the other pair

24. Shoes that no longer fit 

25. Heels that hurt too much to wear

26. Old towels fraying or with holes in them

27. Old bedsheets

28. Old or stained pillows

29. Extra hangers

30. Gifts you never liked

31. Old electronics and their chargers

32. VHS and DVD’s you don’t or can’t watch anymore

33. Old USB drives

34. Random cords you don’t use

35. Used batteries 

36. Exercise equipment you’ll never use

37. Books you’ve read and won’t read again

38. Recipe books you don’t use

39. Magazines and newspapers 

40. Outdated calendars and planners

41. Notes, textbooks, etc you kept from school

42. Outdated coupons and flyers 

43. Paper bills, receipts, manuals and statements (go paperless

44. Pens and markers that don’t work

45. Kids artwork (keep your favourites, and take pictures of the rest)

46. Outgrown baby items 

47. Baby items you didn’t like using

48. Toys that aren’t played with

49. Old or broken toys

50. Games with missing or broken pieces

51. Craft or hobby supplies you haven’t used in years

52. Holiday decorations you never use & don’t like

53. Chipped dishes

54. Stained or mismatched Tupperware

55. Shopping bags

56. Promotional cups

57. Unused kitchen appliances

58. Broken or rusted utensils

59. Old pots & pans

60. Cleaning supplies you never use

61. Old kitchen cloths and sponges

62. Takeout condiments

63. Unused or expired spices 

64. Teas or coffee that you never drink

65. Fridge magnets

66. Old and expired food in the fridge

67. Anything in the fridge you know you won’t use

68. Expired food in the pantry 

69. Old & dated home decor

70. Art work you don’t like

71. Unused storage boxes or bins 

72. Dead or dying plants

73. Old or unused pet toys and supplies

74. Broken or duplicate tools

75. Return borrowed items

What To Do With the things You’ve Decluttered

  • Donate – donate the items that are in good condition. The end result is that you have a decluttered home and help someone else get something they really need. 
  • Recycle – recycling is always a great option. 
  • Trash – there are other items that will definitely need to be trashed. Things that are broken, have missing parts, no longer work and can’t be recycled. Try not to feel bad if most things end up in the trash because a lot of people keep things longer than the product’s useful lifespan. 

Decluttering your home can take some time, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time and a little bit of grace. If you’re feeling really overwhelmed start small.

Set a timer for just 5 minutes and use this list to declutter as much as you can until the timer runs out. You might be surprised at just how much you accomplish within that time! 

It can all seem overwhelming when you’re in the thick of it, but remember that the results are worth it!

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things to declutter
things to declutter
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