What Is a Bralette? And Why You Need to Get One

What is a bralette

What is a bralette anyway? At first glance, a bralette might seem like an intimidating piece of lingerie. But that’s not the case. Bralettes might not offer you as much support as traditional bras but they’re very comfortable and very pretty!  What’s a Bralette? A bralette can be described as a cross between a bra … Read more

Summer Fashion Trends Worth Trying

Summer fashion trends you should try this summer - The Zenish

Summer fashion trends are always changing. Even if you’re hesitant to try some of the more extreme fashion trends, there are definitely a few awesome trends on this list that are worth trying in 2019. Yes, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing what makes you feel comfortable, but sometimes its good to experiment and have … Read more