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13 Spring Summer Fashion Trends That Are Easy To Wear

Spring summer fashion trends are a fun and easy way to play with your personal style and add to an already established wardrobe. If you see a fashion trend that you’d like to try don’t hesitate to dip your toes in with a few inexpensive pieces that can easily be added to your wardrobe!

It just might become one of your wardrobe staples. This list should give you ideas of ways to add a few of the more practical fashion trends to and update your wardrobe in spring/summer 2019.  

This list of spring-summer fashion trends is just some of the ones that are going to be the most wearable, ones that you should invest in and add to your closet.

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Spring Summer Fashion Trends That Are Easy To Wear In 2019

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1. Western

The western trend is still hot for spring/summer 2019. This trend includes cowboy boots and a lot of fringe. Fringe is cute and fun, especially for festival season. You’ll see fringe on tops, skirts, shorts, dresses, accessories, jackets etc. Cowboy boots can be treated like any other boot you’d wear but this trend can more of a statement piece as well.

How to wear it: a fun way to try this trend is with fringe. Fringe handbags, fringe skirts, fringe jackets etc. An easier more subtle way to incorporate this western trend into your wardrobe is with your accessories, western-inspired belt or even a chic pair of cowboy boots.

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2. Ruching

This design detail is one of spring/summer’s most practical fashion trends because it’s super feminine, girly, romantic and creates such a flattering silhouette. This trend will probably be seen most often on dresses because they add curves and volume and are super flattering. This trend is also great for hiding any problem areas that you want to hide.

How to wear it: very versatile and flattering for most shapes, try ruched, blouses, dresses, skirts and even ruched boots!

3. Fine Prints

This is a huge trend in spring/summer 2019. The small prints trend is similar to and grew popular alongside the mixed prints and tie-dye trends, which all include bold colours and a mishmash of designs that make bold statements.

How to wear it: A great way to include this trend into your style is by starting with small statement pieces like scarves, earrings, shoes, handbags etc.

4. Bows

Image credit | the.la.way

This trend is going to be an easy go-to look. We’ll be seeing bows on shoes, hair accessories, and on clothes particularly on necklines. This trend is one that won’t cost you too much to execute as long as you’re up for a little DIY.

For example, to add a bow to your hair or ponytail you could go to a sewing shop get some ribbon and do it yourself!

How to wear it: execute this trend with your accessories, ex. handbags, shoes, hair accessories, ribbons, jewelry etc.

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5. Bold & Neon Colours

Not necessarily a new “trend” but this trend ties into the bright neon trend that’s been very big in 2019. Neon colours are perfect for the beach and one of the most practical fashion trends for summer because lighter colours tend to keep you cooler in the summer.

You can always tone neon colours down by styling them with neutral or more muted colours so the colours balance each other.

Coral, sunburnt orange, lilac, and pressed pink are all popular colours in spring/summer 2019. These colours are cheerful and great for the beach and vacation wear.  

If you’re unsure how neon colours will work with your wardrobe and skin tone, start with less expensive and smaller items and work from there.

How to wear it: incorporate bold and neon colours into your accessories, ex, handbags, beach bags, swimwear, earrings, sandals, hair accessories and even your makeup.

6. Floral

Florals always seem to be trending no matter what. This classic staple always seems to be hot during the spring/summer months. This trend is very versatile; great for work or play and super easy to include in your wardrobe.

How to wear it: can be worn with everything; jeans, dresses, tops, incorporated into your accessories think shoes, hair scrunchies, etc.

7. Utility

This military-inspired trend has a lot of khakis, army green, safari jackets, army jackets and boiler suits which are basically jumpsuits.

To keep this trend wearable try using only a few military accents, by adding only one clothing piece or accessory, so the overall outfit looks more flexible and versatile.

How to wear it: try a boiler suit/jumpsuit with statement accessories, utility dresses which are highly versatile or army jackets with skinny jeans and a T-shirt, shorts, dresses etc.

8. Shimmer & Sequence

Easy to wear spring summer fashion trends | The Zenish

This hot spring/summer fashion trend isn’t for everyone and you’ll either love it or hate it. The shimmer and sequence trend includes metallics and everything shiny!

If you’d like to try this trend but prefer not to shine too brightly, then definitely dress it down or include this trend into your shoes and accessories rather than your clothes. This trend includes lots of metallics and very shiny materials!

How to wear it: Use as layering pieces, under jackets, blazers etc. Use shimmer and sequence pieces as statement pieces.

9. Large over-sized Hats

Easy to wear spring summer fashion trends | The Zenish

Hats are by no means a new trend, however large, oversized, large brimmed, floppy hats are going to be super popular this spring/summer and are one of the most practical fashion trends.

Hats make great accessory pieces and complete your outfit just like your choice of jewelry. The right hat can turn the simplest outfit from bland to chic.

How to wear it: extremely versatile and can be worn with everything, try hats with bows, beads, straw hats etc.

10. Puff Sleeves

Easy to wear spring summer fashion trends | The Zenish
Image credit | yasminrobert

This spring/summer fashion trend is super feminine, romantic and instantly dresses up your outfit. It makes such a bold statement while being versatile and super easy to wear. You can’t go wrong with this trend!

How to wear it: try puff sleeve dresses for a casual or dressed up look, puff sleeve crop tops or blouses paired with jeans, shorts, skirts, trousers etc.

11. Pleats

Easy to wear spring summer fashion trends | The Zenish

When you think of pleats you might think of school girls but pleats are trending once again this spring/summer. Pleats can be feminine and fun and the texture adds something different to your outfit.

Smaller thinner pleats will be everywhere and don’t worry this trend is fairly easy and one of the more practical fashion trends that’s easier to wear.

How to wear it: one of the easiest ways to wear pleats is in dresses and skirts which makes this style easy to style with tops, blazers etc.

12. Tie-Dye

Easy to wear spring summer fashion trends | The Zenish
Image credit | chictalkch

This retro trend brings back memories of the ’60s, 70’s and school craft projects. This trend will be seen a lot during the festival season and is perfect for the beach, casual or resort wear.

Tie-dye prints can be very busy, but with a few accessories and the right prints, this trend can be chic.

How to wear it: try tie-dye accessories, scarves, headbands etc. Use tie-dye as your statement piece and dress it down with muted or neutral colours.

13. Practical Shorts

Easy to wear spring summer fashion trends | The Zenish
Image credit | lauraslittlelocket

Longer hemmed, Bermuda and higher waisted tailored shorts are trending this spring-summer. This wearable fashion trend is cute, comfortable and a modest break from the booty shorts we’ve seen in the past.

How to wear it: these are perfect for dressing up or down, pair with t-shirts, blouses, crop tops, oversized tops, sneakers etc.

What spring or summer fashion trends are you looking forward to? Share with us in the comments!

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