25 Trendy Hairstyles For Short Hair

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Sometimes hair is just too much. The styling the combing the this the that, sometimes a cut sounds so good. Well if you’ve been thinking about making the big chop and are looking for inspiration these gorgeous hairstyles for short hair will help you.

And if you were on the fence about making the cut then these beautiful styles just might push you to make the cut. Because these women make short hair look good AF. 

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25 Haircut & Hairstyles For Short Hair

hairstyles for short hair

1. Straight & Smooth

Get your hair straight and smooth and tuck it behind your ear or let it frame your face naturally.

Image Source | themisschris

hairstyles for short hair

2. Shaggy and Side-Swiped

Brush your hair to the side to add a hint of mystery to your look. 

Image Source | ejs_styling

hairstyles for short hair

3. Slicked Back

Get your bangs out of your face with this simple slicked style. This look really highlights your cheekbones, so try defining them to get even more “wow” into your look.

Image Source | larahoneey

hairstyles for short hair

4. Textured Waves

Your short hair doesn’t have to be boring hair. So add some energy into your hair with a little product and some soft waves or ruffling up.

Image Source | hannahmcardlehair

hairstyles for short hair

5. Twist Out Natural

Try this cute twist out look that puts your face on display.

Image Source | yourfablifetoday

hairstyles for short hair

6. Pushed-Up Pixie

For this style, add a bit of wax or gel to your pixie cut for texture, mess it up, and go.

Image Source | strength.n.dignity_31

hairstyles for short hair

7. Flat and Forward

Straighten your hair flat, then push it forward for a sleek and simple style that perfectly frames your face.

Image Source | larahoneey

hairstyles for short hair

8. Pompadour

Sometimes a full, round pompadour that shows off your gorgeous face shape is exactly what the occasion calls for.

Image Source | madeleineschoen

9. Short and Natural

This short, natural and simple look looks so effortless. Sometimes simple is best.

Image Source | kekecameron

10. Curly Mohawk

This natural style is gorgeous when you first do it but looks even better in the days after. Let a few tendrils fall along the side of your forehead for a playful look.

Image Source | coconutandconcrete

11. Textured Short Curls

Short hair doesn’t have to mean flat hair, bring out your natural texture with a bit of product and some ruffling up.

Image Source | jenylucena

12. Pushed Back

Sometimes you just need your hair off your face. Adding a few tasteful and cute hair accessories like this headband can help. Then rock a neutral face to let your hair take center stage.

Image Source | dahling_its_danae

13. Slicked and Blonde

Nothing makes a statement quite like this slicked-back platinum blonde style. If you have amazing features and want to show them off this style will do it.

Image Source | _gorgeousash

14. Voluminous Curls

Hitting just above the ears, a thick and full curled style is an incredibly flattering option for anyone growing out super-short hair. And if you don’t have natural curls but still want to rock a similar look, then use a curling wand like the CHOPSTICK STYLER HERO Curling Wand.

Image Source | frizzybri

15. Slicked-Down Pixie

Pixie cuts are surprisingly versatile and will suit most face shapes. Try a gel like the Redken Velvet Gelatine 07 to keep your hair in place without stiffness.

Image Source | dashley.m

16. Statement Hair Accessories 

Short hair and hair accessories are both on-trend these days, so why not just combine the two? Get a similar headband here.

Image Source | katrinberndt

17. Neon Close Cropped Sides

This style gives you enough length on top to give you endless styling options, from slicking it to one side or creating awesome curly looks.

Image Source |  jasmonique_jorian_

18. Asymmetrical 

This sexy one-sided pink style gives your whole look an added dose of edginess.

Image Source | larahoneey

19. Voluminous and Shaggy

This easy style leaves your hair looking pretty and well-styled, but still touchable and soft.

Image Source | artoftheovershare

20. Center Parted and Wavy

Bouncy, sexy, and full of volume, giving your bob a bit of body plus an unexpected center part is an easy way to amp up this classic cut.

Image Source | nicole_huntsman

21. Side Braid

A fun side braid is an easy way to keep your hair off of your face or disguise any unevenness while you grow your hair out.

Image Source | kaci.lashgeeks

22. Side Swoop

A brushed-out wave, created with a curling iron, adds retro drama to a deep side part. Add cute hair accessories to complete the look.

Image Source | chloenbrown

23. Pixie Side Swoops

Add dimension to your everyday pixie, with longer side-swept bangs and lock them in with a hint of gel.

Image Source | sarahb.h

24. Curly and Full

Curling a short cut can get a little tricky, but this style makes fine hair look more voluminous.

Image Source | heatheraustrie

25. Finger Waves

This look will never go out of style and is the perfect pick for special occasions.

Image Source | dashley.m

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for hairstyles for short hair then I hope this was helpful. Short hair is so versatile and flattering that most people can pull it off.

If you’ve heard that short hair wasn’t flattering or sexy then the hairstyles above say the opposite. So if you’re ready to make the cut then consider one of the styles above.

Which hairstyle was your favourite? Share in the comments.

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