How To Wash Your Face To Get Rid Of Acne

how to wash your face to get rid of acne

Is there a way to wash your face to get rid of acne? When you really think about it, washing your face seems pretty straight forward. Get some water and maybe a little soap, slather it on and there you go right? Not so fast my friend. The problem is that if you don’t do it … Read more

14 Natural Face Toners For Every Skin Type

Natural toners for face

Did you know buying a natural face toner was an option? I wasn’t aware until recently. Now, there’s still some debate about toners. Are they necessary? Yes! Do you really need a toner? Yes! Do they even do anything? Yes! But since you’re here I’m assuming you already know that toners are awesome and can … Read more

Here’s How to Shrink a Pimple Overnight

So, you have a big day tomorrow and you plan to look your best. There’s just one problem…the red, inflamed pimple on your face. What do you do? Because the sooner you find a way to clear up that zit the better. Well, you can panic, or you can find out how to shrink that … Read more

Does Drinking Water Help Clear Up Acne?

You may already be familiar with the health benefits for your body when you drink water. But what about the benefits for your skin? In particular acne-prone skin? Can drinking more water help clear up acne? In some cases yes, drinking more water can help to clear up mild acne. However, keep in mind that … Read more

Here’s How to Get Rid of Pimple Redness

How to get rid of pimple redness

So today is a big day but you’ve woken up with an irritated, swollen zit. Now what? You may not be able to get your pimple to disappear fast or like magic, unfortunately. However, there are a few things you can do to lessen the appearance of the pimple, encourage the healing process and reduce … Read more

11 Quick And Easy Homemade Face Masks For Acne

11 Quick And Easy Homemade Face Masks For Acne

Breakouts happen. And when they do, it’s tough to know what to do. When you have acne, it can be hard to find treatments that soothe your skin without causing additional breakouts. Conventional beauty products usually have chemicals and ingredients that can sometimes make things worse. Homemade beauty products are an effective and fairly simple … Read more

Can Acne Prone Skin Use Oils? The Answer May Surprise You

Best face oils for acne prone skin

So can acne prone skin use oils? Oils and acne-prone skin have a love hate relationship.  One moment experts list the benefits of using oils on our skin, and the next moment we’re told to avoid oils at all cost, especially if we’re dealing with breakouts.  So what gives?  The truth is, not all oils … Read more

Why Using A Toner Is Actually Good For Your Skin

how to use toner

What’s missing from your skincare routine and keeping you away from clear skin? A toner. Yup, one of the secret weapons to healthy skin is face toner. Yet this one skincare step is underrated, mostly because people don’t know how to use a toner, what it’s for, why to use it and think it’s unnecessary. … Read more